Richard Branson Koala Conservancy
About The Program

The Richard Branson Koala Conservancy is a 5-year grants and education program with a focus on mitigating koala mortality, with an emphasis on koala health, as well as investigating areas within the Noosa region, for its suitability as long-term koala refugia.

Makepeace Island will serve as a base for scientific koala research projects given its proximity to koala habitat along the Noosa River catchment. The Conservancy will establish a multi-disciplinary approach to local koala efforts and will work collaboratively with government, as well as scientific and community groups.

Koalas in Crisis

South East Queensland and particularly the Noosa region were previously a strong hold for koalas. The numbers have declined to crisis levels. We understand some local populations have dropped by 90% in numbers in the last 2 decades and without leadership and urgent action, local koalas will continue to head towards extinction.

“We felt compelled to act given the dire state of koalas in the region and with this in mind, we have offered my family’s Australian home, Makepeace Island, as a central site for koala research.” Richard Branson